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Dedicated family man Kevin Verpaele

April 25, 2019
Kevin Verpaele

Making a home in Florida, Kevin Verpaele is the dedicated father of six children. Married to his wife, Kathleen Rao, since shortly after the two finished high school, Verpaele’s path to fatherhood didn’t follow a traditional route. Rather, he got his then-girlfriend Rao pregnant while a senior in high school. Their first child, Kaley, was born soon after Verpaele’s graduation. The couple both attended the University of South Florida, marrying during Verpaele’s sophomore year. Verpaele -- who attended USF on a football scholarship -- would depart practices early, still in full uniform, to pick up young Kaley from daycare as his wife worked and completed nursing school. The couple had their second child, Karys, during Verpaele’s senior year. After relocating to Brevard County following graduation and for work purposes, the couple had their third child, James. In the years that followed, Kevin Verpaele and his wife continued to grow their family with three more kids, Kevin, Jase and Charlee. The large family remains in Brevard County today.